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Wansuk Choi1 Changhoon Lee1, Dahye Lee1, Young June Won, Gi Wook Lee, Min Gyu Shin, Byoungjin Chun, Taek-Seung Kim, Hee-Deung Park, Hyun Wook Jung*,Jong Suk Lee*, Jung-Hyun Lee*, Sharkskin-Mimetic Desalination Membranes with Ultralow Biofouling

ournal of Materials Chemistry A (2018)

Chinnadurai Satheeshkumar1, Hyun Jung Yu1, Hyojin Park1, Min Kim*, Jong Suk Lee*, Myungeun Seo*, Thiol-Ene Photopolymerization of Vinyl-Functionalized Metal-Organic Framework towards Mixed-Matrix Membranes

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2018)(featured on outside back cover)

Kie Yong Cho1­­­, Heseong An1, Xuan Huy Do1­­­, Keunsu Choi, Ho Gyu Yoon, Hae-Kwon Jeong, Jong Suk Lee*, Kyung-Youl Baek*, Synthesis of amine-functionalized ZIF-8 with 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole by postsynthetic modification for efficient CO2-selective adsor

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2018)(featured on inside back cover)

Sunghyun Park, Jongsik Kim, Young-June Won, Chaehoon Kim, Minkee Choi, Wonho Jung, Kwang Soon Lee, Jeong Geol Na, So-Hye Cho, Seung Yong Lee*, Jong Suk Lee*, Epoxide-Functionalized, Poly (Ethylenimine)-Confined Silica/Polymer Module Affording Sustainable

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2018)

Seok Hwan Lee, Hean Young Seo, Yong Sik Yeom, Jong Eun Kim, Heseong An, Jong-Suk Lee, Hae-Kown Jeong, Kyung-Youl Baek, Kie Yong Cho*, Ho Gyu Yoon*, Rational design ofepoxy/ ZIF-8 nanocomposites for enhanced suppression of copper ion migration

Polymer (2018)

Sunghyun Park, Keunsu Choi, Hyun Jung Yu, Young-June Won, Chaehoon Kim, Minkee Choi, So-Hye Cho, Jung-Hyun Lee*, Seung Yong Lee*, Jong Suk Lee*, Thermal Stability Enhanced Tetraethylenepentamine/Silica Adsorbents for High Performance CO2 Capture

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, (2018)

Sunghwan Park, Eunhee Jang, Heseong An, Wansuk Choi, Jeong-Hoon Kim, Jung-Hyun Lee*, Jungkyu Choi*, Jong Suk Lee*, The Lifshitz-van der Waals acid-base theory assisted fabrication of MFI-containing mixed matrix membranes for gas separations

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2018)

Heseong An, Albert S Lee, Irshad Kammakakam, SeungSang Hwang, Jung-hoon Kim, Jung-Hyun Lee*, Jong Suk Lee*, Bromination/Debromination-Induced Thermal Crosslinking of 6FDA-Durene for Aggressive Gas Separations

Journal of Membrane Science (2018)