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Valorization of battery manufacturing wastewater: Recovery of high-value metal ions through reaction-enhanced membrane cascade

Jeong Han Shin, Seung Hwan Kim, Cheol Hun Yoo, Ho Jun Lee, Bao Tran Duy Nguyen, Go Gi Lee, Jeong F Kim, Jong Suk Lee, Chemical Engineering Journal (2024) (IF: 13.273)

Isosorbide-based Poly (arylene ether) Biopolymer Membranes for Gas Separation

Jeong Uk Ryu, Hyun Jung Yu, Jeong Ho Seong, Hyung-Ju Kim, Jeyoung Park, Jong Suk Lee, Journal of Membrane Science (2024) (IF: 8.3)

Carbon Dioxide Capture in a Carbonate-Pillared Ultramicroporous Metal–Organic Framework

Se-Min Jeong, Kyung Ho Cho, Su-Kyung Lee, Ji Woong Yoon, Jong Suk Lee, Donghui Jo, U-Hwang Lee, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (2024) (IF: 7.1)

Separation of High-Purity C2H2 from Binary C2H2/CO2 Using Robust Al-Based MOFs Comprising Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Dicarboxylate

Se-Min Jeong, Donghyun Kim, Ju Yeon Park, Ji Woong Yoon, Su-Kyung Lee, Jong Suk Lee, Donghui Jo, Kyung Ho Cho, U-Hwang Lee, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2023) (IF: 9.5)

A practical approach to enhancing energy efficiency in dual-stage membrane processes for various industrial gas separations: Membrane combination optimization

Wonho Jung, Heseong An, Jong Suk Lee, Jinwon Lee, Journal of Membrane Science (2023) (IF: 10.53)Vortex Momentum

A new dip-coating approach for plasticization-resistant polyimide hollow fiber membranes: In situ thermal imidization and cross-linking of polyamic acid

Hyun Jung Yu, Heseong An, Ju Ho Shin, Adele Brunetti, Jong Suk Lee, Chemical Engineering Journal (2023) (IF: 16.744)

Highly concentrated multivariate ZIF-8 mixed-matrix hollow fiber membranes for CO2 separation: Scalable fabrication and process analysis

Heseong An, Wonho Jung, Ju Ho Shin, Min Chang Shin, Jung Hoon Park, Jinwon Lee, Jong Suk Lee, Journal of Membrane Science (2023) (IF: 10.53)

Anisotropic biofouling behavior of sharkskin-patterned desalination membranes

Wansuk Choi, Min Gyu Shin, Gi Wook Lee, Donguk Kim, Cheol Hun Yoo, Jong Suk Lee, Hyun Wook Jung, Jung-Hyun Lee, Journal of Membrane Science (2023) (IF: 10.53)

Fast Water Transport in UTSA-280 via a Knock-off Mechanism

Cheng-Hsun Hsu, Hsin-Yu Yu, Ho Jun Lee, Pei-Hao Wu, Shing-Jong Huang, Jong Suk Lee, Tsyr-Yan Yu, Yi-Pei Li, Dun-Yen Kang, Angewandte Chemie (2023) (IF: 16.823)

Mixed-linker strategy for suppressing structural flexibility of metal-organic framework membranes for gas separation

Chung-Kai Chang, Ting-Rong Ko, Tsai-Yu Lin, Yen-Chun Lin, Hyun Jung Yu, Jong Suk Lee, Yi-Pei Li, Heng-Liang Wu, Dun-Yen Kang, Communications Chemistry (2023) (IF: 7.211)